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Hi friends! After down downloading and completing the front-side of your individual quiet book page, you're probably asking yourself, but what about finishing the back side? Don't worry, I've got you covered!

In this simple step-by-step tutorial you'll learn how to finish the back side of your quiet book page by sewing two quiet book pages together. Simply gather the materials listed below and follow along to learn how to sew back to back quiet book pages like a pro.

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Preparing Two Quiet Book Pages

To start, you’ll need two completed front-side quiet book pages.

If you do not want to use two completed front-side pages, and would rather use a simple fabric back-side, simply cut a 9 x 9 inch piece of fusible interfacing. Iron the fusible interfacing (adhesive side down) to the wrong side of your choice of fabric. Then cut the excess fabric around the interfacing.

You can now use this simple fabric page for the back-side of your quiet book page.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be using two completed front-side quiet book pages: Forest Friends and Camping Tent. Whether you choose to use two completed front-side pages, or one completed front-side page and a simple fabric back-side, the following steps are the same.

Place both pages face up. Turn one page over.

Using Batting for Quiet Book Page Center

Gather a roll of polyester batting.

Cut a piece of batting size 9 x 9 inches.

Place batting on top of over-turned page.

Layering Quiet Book Pages

Place completed front-side quiet book page on top.

You should now have two quiet book pages, wrong sides together, with a piece of batting in between.

Sewing Back to Back Quiet Book Pages

Use wonder clips to hold the two pages together around the edges.

Use a sewing machine to sew the two pages together 1/4 inch in from the edge of the page with a straight stitch.

Now, if you turn your page over, you should have two quiet book pages sewn together to create one completed back to back quiet book page.

Next Step: Binding Quiet Book Page Edges

Now you're ready for the next step in creating a completed quiet book: learning how to bind your quiet book page edges. Check out this tutorial for step by step instructions on finishing your page edges like a pro. Or click here for a complete guide on going from one single quiet book page to a completed quiet book in no time.

Find plenty more adorable quiet book page patterns in our shop. Be sure to check back often for new pattern downloads!

Show me what you’ve made! Join me on Instagram or Facebook and share your quiet book pages with me! Or leave me a message in the comments below. I love hearing from you!


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