Break out the popsicle sticks and let the kids help decorate for Halloween this year!  This popsicle stick haunted house and spider web craft couldn’t be easier to make!  With just a few simple supplies, you’ll have a Halloween craft that the kids will love to make and you’ll love to show off!

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First you’ll need to break your popsicle sticks into a few smaller pieces (for the haunted house window, door, and roof)

You will need:

12 popsicle sticks that are full size

4 popsicle sticks that are about ¾ size

20 popsicle sticks that are about ½ size

Draw a line on your popsicle stick where you need them to be broken.  Then you can cut them or I find it’s just as easy to snap them by hand.

After breaking them the edges will be a bit jagged so you’ll want to round off the edges with a piece of sandpaper.

Once all your popsicle sticks are the correct size and sanded down, let the kids paint them!  This is how we painted ours:

Full size popsicle sticks

3 Black – for the spider web

3 Orange – for the 2nd spider web

6 Green – for the right side of house the house

¾ size popsicle sticks

4 Purple – for the left side of house

½ size popsicle sticks

7 Green – 3 for the door and 4 for the upper right side of the house

4 Purple – for the window

6 Black – 4 for the roof and 2 for the chimney

3 Orange – for the boards across the door and window

(Of course, you could also put your haunted house and spider webs together first and then have the kids paint them.  Either way works!)

Popsicle Stick Haunted House

After the popsicle stick haunted house has been arranged and glued into place, you’ll need an orange pom-pom ball to make the pumpkin.  We only had white pom-poms at our house so we painted ours orange, which worked just as well!

Cut a small piece of green pipe cleaner and twirl it into a spiral shape to make the pumpkin stem.

Hot glue the stem onto the pumpkin.  And then glue the pumpkin onto the haunted house.

Lastly, attach a piece of decorative string to the backside of your popsicle stick haunted house so it can hang on the wall!

Popsicle Stick Spider Web

To make the popsicle stick spider web, start by cutting a black pipe cleaner into six small pieces.  Bend each piece at the center to create the legs of the spider.

Attach each of the legs to a black pom-pom ball with hot glue.

Next, lay three black popsicle sticks across each other at the center to make the spider web shape.

Cut a length of string and glue one end to the center of the backside of the popsicle sticks.

Wrap the string around each popsicle stick, starting at the center and moving in a circular pattern all the way to the outermost part of the popsicle sticks.  Leave the end of the string long so that you can hang your spider web.

Place a small amount of hot glue on the backside of the spider web to hold the string in place.

Repeat the process with the orange popsicle sticks to create a second spider web.

Glue the spider to the string above one of the spider webs.  And they’re all finished!

Try Making Your Own Popsicle Stick Halloween Craft for Kids

This popsicle stick Halloween craft is a great way to get the kids into the Halloween spirit.  It’s simple enough for the kids to make and adorable enough for you to love hanging on your walls.  Try making it with your kids today!

Show me what you’ve made!  Join me on Instagram or Facebook and share your projects with me!  Or leave me a message in the comments below.  I love hearing from you!

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