If you have a child that loves Lego sets, you probably have several Lego minifigures in your collection.  And if your kid is anything like mine, they probably like taking their Lego figures apart too.  One of my son’s favorite things to do is take his Lego figures apart, mix them up, and put them back together again in different ways.  It is really fun, even I’ll admit.  But now we have countless Lego arms, and bodies, and heads, and hair, and accessories floating around in our Lego bins.  And those pieces are really tiny!  And sometimes hard to find!

So I came up with this super-fun quiet book page: Build a Lego Figure!  It includes Lego characters such as Harry Potter, Batman, Robin, and Captain America.  And characters from The Lego Movie including Emmet, Benny, and Lord Business!  All of the characters can be taken apart and put back together, or rearranged in fun new ways!

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Build a Lego Figure: A Quiet Book Page

If you’ve never heard of quiet books before, let me just tell you, they’re AWESOME!  They’re portable, handmade books that keep kids busy and quiet!  Take them with you on long road trips, to restaurants, or to a doctor’s appointment— really anywhere that you want to keep kids occupied and quiet.  I’ve made several of them, and my kids love them!

Each page is made using colored felt and hot glue.  And has grommet holes along the side so more pages can be attached, removed, and rearranged.

This particular quiet book page includes several different Lego figure arms, hands, legs, bodies, heads, hair, and helmets.

Harry Potter Lego Figure

These are the pieces that make up the Harry Potter Lego figure.

And this is what he looks like once he’s put together.  I just love how his face turned out and the details on his shirt!

Batman Lego Figure

These are the Batman pieces.  He was a really fun one to make—especially his mask and body armor!

And here he is once he’s put together.

Robin Lego Figure

If I made Batman, of course I had to make Robin too!

And this is what he looks like once he’s put together.

Captain America Lego Figure

These are the pieces that make up the Captain America Lego figure.

And this is what he looks like once he’s put together.

Emmet Lego Figure

The Lego Movie has been a big hit in my house.  So I made an Emmet Lego figure!

And here he is once he’s put together.  I really love how his construction outfit turned out!

Benny Lego Figure

Another character featured in The Lego Movie is the spaceman, Benny!

And this is what he looks like once he’s put together.

Lord Business Lego Figure

And of course I needed to make The Lego Movie villain, Lord Business.

And here he is all together.  His hair is my favorite part!

Mix it up

Playing with this quiet book page, my son loves putting each of the Lego characters together.  But I think he likes mixing them up and putting them together in crazy new ways even better!

Your turn!

So what do you guys think?  Let me know in the comments below if any of you have tried making a Lego themed quiet book page of your own!

Show me what you’ve made! Join me on Instagram or Facebook and share your lego figure quiet books with me! Or leave me a message in the comments below. I love hearing from you!

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